Marie-Hélène Giroux


mgl-155modifiePreviously known under the name Monterosso Giroux Avocats, our firm is getting a refresh with the departure  of Me Clemente Monterosso.


Me Marie-Hélène Giroux, founding associate of Monterosso Giroux Avocats, continues to offer the same quality services at her firm, Marie-Hélène Giroux Avocats.


Our firm assists a clientele composed of enterprises and individuals facing legal issues in the criminal, penal, or immigration domains.


Our firm puts at your service conscientious and experienced lawyers who will listen to your needs, offer services in criminal and penal law, on appeal, through extraordinary remedies, and in immigration.


Our mission is to defend the interests of each client and to obtain the best result possible. Our lawyers work to always well inform you to avoid unexpected results.


Our credibility is built on our founding values: competence, honesty, availability, and rigour. The reputation that we hold, notably thanks to our success, demonstrates our high degree of professionalism.


Our firm and our lawyers focus primarily on criminal law and immigration. However, we have developed a network of lawyers that we trust and can assist you in almost any field of law.


Out services are offered in French and in English. We can also serve you in Arabic, Italian, and Spanish.


Each case is different, each client is important. We take the time to listen and to respond to your needs. We take your interests to heart.


Our lawyers have a combined seven decades of experience that we can put at your service to offer you a complete and quality representation.

Criminal law and penal


We represent individuals and enterprises facing criminal and penal legal issues at all stages of proceedings. Whether it is during an investigation, at the moment of a search, or at your arrest, we can help you.


Our criminal defence lawyers take the time to properly safeguard your rights. The presence of a lawyer at your side guarantees respect of your fundamental rights. You will benefit from the legal accompaniment of expert lawyers in criminal law whose primary goal is to assure your defence.


To do this, we take the time to fully explain the circumstances of the infraction of which you are accused, to explain your rights as well as the flow of legal proceedings, and to determine with you and efficient defence strategy.


Our experienced lawyers can assist your in all branches of criminal law: organised crime, financial and economic crime (fraud, corruption, collusion), offences against the person (murder, homicide, abductions, assault, sexual crimes), drugs, weapons, theft, extradition, etc.


Our lawyers are also known for their experience before appeal courts, notably the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, or in extraordinary remedies.

Injury to person

Killings and violence, sexual assault and rape , drug trafficking

Damage to property

Simple and aggravated theft, armed robbery , fraud , breach of trust

Affect the interests of the state and public peace

Terrorism, corruption, counterfeiting , smuggling

Criminal business law

Fraud and embezzlement, insider trading

Immigration law

Our lawyers also work in immigration law. Do you wish to establish yourself in Canada, sponsor your family, study or work in Canada? Are you facing expulsion measures? We can counsel you efficiently. We can help you undertake measures in Canada or elsewhere, for a temporary stay or for an application for permanent immigration.


Immigration law is a domain that requires a particular type of know-how. The mastering of the pan-Canadian laws and regulations is necessary in this practice. We possess these competencies.


Our immigration lawyers will evaluate with you the most efficient methods to undertake measures in Canada or elsewhere. They will counsel according to your particular needs related to your immigration application, for the transfer of your assets to Canada, your employment projects, finances, and the migration of your family members.


We can assist you in judicial proceedings related to immigration and detention, and undertaking recourses on appeal before the IRB or in federal court.


We can intervene if you receive a refusal of permanent residency, a decision on expulsion, or a visa refusal.


We can counsel you on your procedures to obtain citizenship.


We propose a personal study of your file, legal advice, writing correspondence and your recourses, as well as effective representation before tribunals such as the IRB or Federal Court.


We collaborate with law firms in Dubai and Beirut.


Correspondence address of our offices in Lebanon :
Amaret Chalhoub, Centre Le Baron, Bloc A, 12th floor, Zalka – Metn, Liban.
Phone: + 961 1 900 857, +961 3 439 555